There are many areas of the food industry that are needed to keep it running. You want a safe and high-quality product; we want to help make it a reality. We’ve streamlined this process and become a one stop shop for your needs by partnering with the companies below.

Fresh Business Training is an innovative business dedicated to offering fresh training solutions to the food industry.

Training content is tailored to the individual and groups required learning environment and is offered in a method suitable for the business.

They have highly personalised service and can develop training packages for your businesses and organisations.

Microbiological testing can be more than just a lab report.

MicroPoint is a NATA accredited lab that provides accurate and high-quality testing services complemented by their strong customer relation focus.

They offer accessible technical support to all customers. MicroPoint endeavours to ensure they are familiar with the people, premises and processes at your facility so they are well placed to help when needed.

AFSIC was founded on years of research, specialised training and expertise, to ensure food safety from the farm to the table.

They provide the methods and tools for food safety and quality management for our clients and ensure that the food meets foreign and domestic regulatory requirements.

AFSIC provide services to clients worldwide, with current and active operations in India, Fiji, Vietnam and China.